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+ Week Long airform custom Pro/SURFACE

Course Duration: 40 Hours

$2400.00 US

This workshop has been specifically designed to work for those interested in gaining a high level of Pro/SURFACE usage all in one week. We will take you up several notches past your current surfacing skills. Usually there are less than two or three persons in this workshop so instructor attention is high.

This class curriculum is flexible for those in the class. INTRO to Pro/SURFACE Workshop and Pro/SURFACE Level 2 and 3. Can cover any of the ISDX, or Alias Studio or Solidworks surfacing training. Most commonly this class covers a brief overview of our level one (4 hrs or less) and our Level 2 surfacing plus our ISDX level 6 or or level 7. This is one of our most popular workshops

Prerequisite: Some experience with Pro/SURFACE helpful but not necessary.

ergonomics proe surfacing
ergonomics related to cocpit or interiros.


The basis for this week-long course is to share the knowledge of tools within Pro/SURFACE for optimizing more parametric robust controls for the later use with ISDX. Below are the ambitious goals of this course to be discussed/created/learned:
1. Powerful freeform ISDX tools by leveraging more robust Pro/SURFACE functions and curves. 2. Aggressive introduction to Pro/SURFACE and various surfacing techniques. 3. Technique for building a plan of attack, eliminate isoparms/isolines, and tangency issues. 4. Definitions of variable Sweep surfacing techniques with examples. 5. Maintain draft using surface sweep functions. 6. Order of surface feature creation and its significance. 7. Foam model evaluation process and several starting examples on initiating the surface modeling process. (plan of attack) 8. Building surfaces from graph features. 9. Alternate surface creation techniques from more robust curves. 10. Introduction to 3d bounding box or Lattice structures. 11. Advanced functions of Pro/SURFACE and its weaknesses and strengths compared to other hi-end industry standard surfacing products. 12. Light reflections with respect to subconscious and conscious understanding of the 3d form. 2. Comparisons of Pro/SURFACE to Alias modeling techniques and discuss difference between each for approach. 13. Three part to four part boundary 'trickery' with more than four examples for getting out of snags. 14. Very complex robust models utilizing 'lattice structures'. 15. Incorporation of 'handles' for further control and understanding over surfaces that look at those curves. 16. Curvature continuity (G2) and multiple plans of attack by looking at existing products. 17. Standard modeling techniques with respect to industry standards. 18. Ten tutorials that illustrate technique through computer examples. 19. 'Plan of Attack' and approach for capturing form from foam models or ID sketches. 20. Proving form and go over techniques for proving form. 21. ideation techniques inside Pro/ENGINEER. i.e. get to multiple 3d iterations within hours instead of days. 22. Participants can/will create work based projects during class time.

Participants can take home web based and or PDF based tutorials to recreate after the class.

wf4.0 proe surfacing
wf4.0 proe surfacing

This course is usually customized to focus on the student's learning wishes and company projects. Day One and Day two focuses on Pro/SURFACE. Day Three and Day Four focus is on ISDX. Day Five is dedicated to past or current project problems, plans of attack, or issues. Bring example work or problematic models on CD ROM for in context discussions for work during and/or on the last day of class. We supplement this training with Alias style techniques utilized in the automotive industry.

+Surfacing Tutorial Overview

1. Pro/SURFACE surfacing Tutorials Overview

 2. ISDX surfacing Tutorials Overview.


wf4.0 proe surfacing