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+ Three Week Comprehensive OVERVIEW:

Course Duration:
120 hour Course minimum

Tuition: $3800.00 USD (Our most popular course).

Overview: Students can jump in the middle of a three week workshop but it is better if you start from the beginning. Call for details or to speak with an instructor. This and any class can be customized per student requirements. Three weeks focusing on surfacing inside Pro/ENGINEER or plastic part design or sheet metal. Industrial designers may wish to focus on surfacing and proving form. Engineers may wish to focus on die casting or plastics or transmission design.

Week One
Topics: See Pro/ENGINEER Level 1.

Week Two

Topics: : See Pro/ENGINEER Level 2.

Week Three

Final Projects are often customized to suit individual student needs

The Three Week Comprehensive Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire course is our most popular because everyone who takes this training learns Pro/E at a high level in a short time. We receive quite a few industrial designers and mechanical engineers of whom have either taken Pro/E at a community college or completed their senior project using Pro/E in order to take their skills to the next level. The great part of our three week program is that the participant sets the pace as we steadily apply new or advanced tips and techniques that equip participants for a future job.
When an engineer comes to us for training we focus the class on what they want to do in their potential job. That is what we can focus the training on; transmissions and die cast, plastics, packaging, bottles, large assemblies, consumer products or engines.

Why Our "Hands On" Instruction is unique.

+UNIQUE Our courses are incredibly different from the rest.  Class size and style set the stage for the advantages.  Each class is purposely kept small - typically never larger than five pupils - so that the instructors have full capacity to focus on the students.  In fact, the average class size is two or three people.  Each and every class is independently customized for the students, depending on their beginning strengths and weaknesses, as well as their chosen career direction.  While everyone will get the same basic instruction on each module and each technique, the focus can and will differ between students.  Some prefer heavier Sheetmetal instruction while others are interested in becoming a draftsman, while others will be design engineers.  Design Engine does not sell or represent the software as many training facilities do.  This fully opens the arena for discussion on any bugs, software limitations, common problems, and the appropriate tricks and solutions to combat these issues and thus have a competitive edge on the job.

Wankle Engine assembly in Pro/ENGINEER

+TRAINING MISSION The training facility was built on the premise that the core to happiness is continuous learning.  The staff works very hard to do everything possible to prepare students for their next career move or for better knowledge and work experience when they return to the workforce.  Cross training between students is highly encouraged.  Sometimes different students will purposely be given different material to challenge them so that they each take turns offering what they learned to the group.  There is no better way to learn something inside and out than to teach!  

+FOCUS The speed and focus fluctuates between students constantly in a typical class.  The instructor is very fluid with moving between students and adjusting to exactly where they are and what they are working on.  The pace is fast, and the material is offered at an accelerated rate, but each pupil gets to fly through what comes natural and then spend time struggling with what comes as a challenge.  The library of custom Design Engine tutorials is vast.  Classes are offered material that will challenge each person individually as well as focus on what they need to get out of their training.

solve vector issues inside Pro/ENGINEER.
good example where top down design can be used in industry to solve linkage problems.

+OUR COMPETITORS We often hear about draftsman, designers and engineers take Pro/E instruction from a community college or similar training facility. Our response is always the same.

"Our course will be quite a bit more aggressive than that of the community college for many reasons. One mainly is that we seldom have over 3 people in the course so attention to the student is high. We also go into greater detail on specific tutorials that would be similar to the kind of work required by a person in the workplace."

We are flexible and progressive. Take Alias Studio - Solidworks - Wildfire - Plastics workshops - or any other product design course we offer (mix and match) for three weeks. Mix it up. Curriculum is customizable and generally directed to underemployed persons looking to learn a great deal in just a three week intensive. Course is generally administered to just one software however cross training is important to us.

Job assistance is available to all of our unemployed or unemployed students. Call to inquire. Ask about WIA - 'Workforce Investment Act' grant monies available for tuition.

+2008 Chicago Courses

Classes Schedule for 2008:
Almost all 3 week Classes begin the first week of every month on a Monday. Please call DESIGN ENGINE EDUCATION (312.226.8339) for further information.

+JOB ASSISTANCE We offer extensive job assistance at no extra cost beyond the listed course tuition. In that we make available the some 300 past students most of which are working at major manufacturers or design firms. We also maintain an active contract agency list with relations with most of them. Contract agencies often call the school looking for either current or past trainees. An up-to-date resume bank of past trainees is kept online so human resource or contract agency personnel can access the resumes online at any time.
Schedule: In considering taking our course, check back to the proetools.com web site often, but realize you can jump into our program almost anytime. Most of the 'Three Week Comprehensive' programs start at the beginning of the month, but don't look just for scheduling on the web site. You can call if you want to jump in the middle of a three week workshop.

Many jobs in industry involve modeling older projects so retrofit projects take on newer components in CAD.
patterned pins in this bering make for interesting challenges using Pro/ENGINEER


Ask about our customized onsite courses.: 312.226.8339

"We can mix our course offerings". These are our other three week comprehensive

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