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+ISDX Pro/SURFACE Level 6A - Airfoil

Course Description: 16 Hours

Tuition: $1200.00 US

Overview: ISDX is the new surfacing module from PTC. It is quite revolutionary in that it combines push and pull like efforts of Alias or Rhino and gives those like functions to designers and engineers, industrial designers right inside Pro/ENGINEER. This class is perfect for those industrial designers with previous Alias or Rhino experience. This class is also great for those engineers looking to capture form in within a product design arena.

Prerequisite: 'Level 1 Workshop' or prior use of Pro/SURFACE. Rhino or Alias experience not necessary but helpful.


  • Overview of the ISDX Module
  • Terminology
  • Different modeling approaches with respect to ISDX usage.
  • Boundary technique utilized by high-end surface modelers in the auto industry.
  • Overview of correct surfacing techniques drawing from standard surfacing tools such as Alias and Rhino.
  • Discuss using Pro/SURFACE parametric controls combined with ISDX strengths.
  • Discuss with examples extra ordinary robust modeling techniques for proving form.

Note: This class is administered differently to Engineers who are interested in capturing form from those industrial designers interested in proving form using this simply amazing software.

Onsite Training: This course can and has been customized for specific product lines.  CAD managers or product managers  should call to inquire about custom tutorial development and or costs for onsite training.  We also offer a subscription for custom tutorials.